Located in the World Culture Scenic Area-Mt.Qingcheng Garden Hotel is another fine works onthe Sichuan Daily Group Culture & Tourism Industry Line.It has asuperior geographical location and beautiful environment that the negative oxygen ion in the nature has reach a concentration of 8,000-2,000,/m3;and convenient traffic;there are several expressways,fast track and Chenddu-Dujiangyan High-speed Railway that connect to the downtown of Chengdu and Shuangliu Intemational Airport.


Upholding the operation concept of “green and environment protertion”,the hotel is a five-star conference & hotiday integrating guest rooms,catering,chess and carck,health caring and hydrotherapy into a whole.It is fully civered with wifi and has all kinds of suites,singles rooms and double rooms,altogether 103 rooms,each of which can bring to you the comfort and pleasure from the modern scince and technology.It boass world-brand facilities,American Kingkoil mattress emphasizing healthy sleep and standard configured Gold Phoenix furniture.These factors make the hotel another fine landscape in Mt.Qingcheng.